PROJECT:  UTZI, Luxury wallets, bags and accessories for the 21st century nomad.


INNOVATION: Laser technology applied to hand crafted leather goods.


Utzi is an elegant solution for the transport of modern day essentials.The inspiration behind the Utzi Collection sprang from the functional accoutrement worn by various cultures throughout history. Reinterpreting these elegant devices for the 21st century nomad was the mission and passion of the Utzi Collective. Perfect for clubbing, festivals, biking, traveling in style or just walking the dog, the Utzi belt-bag system keeps essential items easily accessible and secure.


By combining laser-cutting technology with couture sewing techniques, the quality of each piece is guaranteed to be consistently high. Each Utzi is completely glove-stitched by hand in the classic Italian style. All Utzi leather items are made of supple full-grain leather and feature laser etched imagery and graphics. All wallet chains, key sets and personal ornaments are made of sterling silver and hand-carved talismans of horn and bone. Belt-bags are designed to fit close to the body and are large enough to hold iPhones, small cameras, passports and a variety of personal items.