Surface Skins®

PROJECT: How to differentiate commodity products by the addition of sophisticated textural surfaces.


INNOVATION:  SurfaceSkins® is a curated catalogue of tillable 3D textures adaptable to most mass produced products.


SurfaceSkins® evolved out of our work with embossing rollers for our commercial wall-covering clients. Through the years we had developed literally thousands of 2 dimensional print textures and hundreds of 3D textures for embossings. But the execution of 3D textures was a difficult and time consuming process. In every industry we examined the addition of 3D surface texture to products was a solid design trend. We looked at this problem in a slightly different approach  and we found a way to translate our 2D design work into 3D independent of application. Luggage, eyeglasses, chocolates, kitchen utensils, cell phone cases, tile and even car interiors now could be looked at in a whole new way. 3D surfaces can be designed in 2D as artistic expressions and then translated into 3D. Our approach allows marketing teams to market test these new surfaces through 3D printing. Many of the manufacturers we talked with  saw the potential to create private label brands by adding proprietary surface treatments to stock items.