The Source One Cradle

PROJECT: Redo of the Source One packaging.


INNOVATION: The Source One Cradle


In 2006 it was time to rethink the sampling for the Source One brand, these were new times and the brand had grown into a whole shelf of binders. We wanted a system that mirrored how designers and architects actually worked with our products making it easier for them to choose Source One. The Lanark TwistBox® had been a great success so we took all the best parts of that system and changed the wall-covering industry with the Source Once Cradle. 


The Source One Cradle is a carefully designed holder that showcases the product on the shelf. Individual patterns are displayed on separate cards facing forward on the library shelf. Cards are held at an angle allowing the customer to flip through and choose a pattern quickly and easily. The Cradle has a built in handle on both the back and front with a face plate to present new patterns or features. This Cradle was so successful Source One now has multiple cradles for different product categories such as Upholstery, Drapery, Handcrafted, Naturals, Woods, etc. and has been adopted by other leading brands in our industry.