Source One

PROJECT: Create a national brand of commercial wall-covering that would capture designers attention and market share.




In 2000 Lehrmitt Associates were hired by the Wallcovering Source Group to create a national brand of commercial wall-covering. Source One entered an already crowded market of mostly undifferentiated products with bright garish packaging modeled on NASCAR. After profiling our market we decided Source One should be a fun brand with a radically different look than our competition. We knew the product needed to be excellent but we also understood that the sampling had to resonate with our sophisticated customers. The Source One graphics and packaging is clean, calm and white. The binders are elegant with translucent spine slots that allowed the brand to slide in and showcase new products. Attention to detail was what our sampling is all about, brushed nickel rivets and rings, white and translucence really stands out on designers and architects library shelves.  The Source One brand hit the streets running and placed in the top three brands two years after it was introduced.