Marketing Source One patterns

PROJECT: Marketing Source One patterns


INNOVATION: Creative fun approach to sampling and introduction of new patterns.


Source One is the fun brand and that philosophy carried through to all aspects.


Even new pattern sampling can be fun and innovative as with our patterns Gradient and Grade. Since Gradient is a 54” wide subtle ombre we needed to find a creative way to convey this on our cradle card sampling.


Most of the patterns that we have developed over the years for the SOURCE ONE brand tend toward background textures which is our specialty. But occasionally we create a high profile pattern like String Theory that can bridge the background and high profile categories. This pattern was used as the ad in Interior Design for a quarter, made into wrapping paper and given to clients as a gift for the holidays, as well as the chosen cover art of the file folders used to send clients requested samples.


New product introductions are a favorite way to differentiate Source One both at in office presentations by sales reps and by mail and trade shows. Source One provided free Darjeeling tea to highlight our Darjeeling pattern based on an Indian tea basket. Chroma, which looked like bubbling sauce was introduced with a tasty chocolate sauce. Velina, a pattern with a waxy finish like a bakery bag, was shown by our reps accompanied with home sugar cookies embossed with the Source One logo. Not all our intros involved food. Nyepi was a watercolor design that we created while in Bali enjoying the Balinese new year tradition of silence and that silence is reflected in the heightened sounds of birds and frogs all around us which we recorded and sent out as an audio CD along with a product sample.

NEOCON is always a fun event and a time for the brand to shine. We created an animated invitation to our showroom for a Hawaiian themed cocktail party. (Several designers asked if we would make their wedding invitations!)