Lanark TwistBox®

PROJECT: Re-launch of the Lanark Commercial Wallcovering brand.


INNOVATION: LANARK TwistBox®tCards® & TwistDecks®


In 2005 the Wallcovering Source Group asked if we would help them to relaunch the Lanark brand they had just purchased. This venerable brand had a great history but not much recent attention. First and foremost the product had to be right; a given for us; but we felt the time had come to try a drastically different sampling system we called the Twist Box®.


This TwistBox® replaced the ubiquitous three ring binder not just with a new look but a whole new array of features. The TwistBox® is an injection molded five sided box with rails on the top that receive the notched and folded TwistCards® and TwistDecks® locking them in  so the TwistBox® can be easily and safely moved to where you are working. There are no moving parts to break nails and a built in handle makes it easy to take off the shelf. Response for this relaunch was quick to follow with a 30% increase in sales over the previous year.