Decorative Chocolates

PROJECT: Decorative Chocolates


INNOVATION: Surface texture applied in molds to create a host of very elegant different looking chocolates.


One of the very first applications for SurfaceSkins® was to create new textural and visual interest for chocolate candy. Our very first mold provided us with an array of luscious, edible products.  (dusted with edible gold powder they were amazing) We seemed to have struck a chord with the chocolate industry, they had been experimenting with 3D printing but hadn’t found a good fit. With SurfaceSkins® we were able to add detailed dimensional surfaces to the chocolates for a whole new look. One of the largest chocolate makers in the world asked us to pitch ideas on how our techniques and style could be applied to the growing Chinese gift market. It intrigued many high level executives that there were some new twists for designing the product itself. We are still exploring new markets for our unique chocolates.